Services offered

Online Video-Conferencing Services

Teresa offers online via video-conferencing therapy, supervision, training and consultation in English and Portuguese. For more general information on each type of service please refer to the related sections under Services Offered.

There are many advantages and reasons why people choose online services:

  • More flexibility with the time that they can access services
  • Reduction of time and cost of transportation
  • Possibility of accessing the clinician of their preference and in the speciality related to their needs who might not be close to them geographically
  • Many people prefer to be in their own environment as oppose to the clinic or more formal settings
  • During the pandemic outbreak and restrictions, online options are indeed vital in offering services that would otherwise be unavailable

Although online services can be very convenient, it is also important to consider the disadvantages, such as potential difficulties with technology and limitation on visual cues, in particular body language. These aspects will be discussed with you and ways in which to mitigate drawbacks will be considered together.

When working online, in addition to having access to good Internet connection, it is also important to ensure that all parts involved protect the time and place where they can have privacy and be free of interruptions. Relevant measures to make the online services safer and more effective will be discussed prior to the start of the work.