About Teresa


“When my family and I met Teresa we were in the middle of the worst time of our lives. One of our daughters was terribly ill with depression that manifested itself through an eating disorder. Teresa was actually the third Family Therapist that we had met and was the only one able to help! She was kind, empathetic, sympathetic and very, very clever. She helped us to put in place strategies that not only helped our daughter to get her through such a dreadful illness but helped us to understand and support each other at the time and subsequently as well.

We will always be indebted to Teresa for the help and support she gave and are very happy to endorse her to help others who need it when they cannot see through the terrible clouds of despair that we encountered.”

Father of 2 teenage daughters.


“Teresa worked with my 17 year old daughter and I over a period of a year. My husband and son also occasionally attended Family Therapy sessions in order to work towards the family helping overcome my daughter's anorexia. Teresa was always sympathetic, flexible and highly skilled; showing great empathy at all times. Teresa was able to form a close therapeutic relationship with my daughter and also myself. Teresa was I believe instrumental in supporting us to work towards my daughter's short term goals and helped us to think more positively and look towards a brighter future. Teresa provided us with vital support at a time of crisis and enabled us to ultimately become more independent as my daughter recovered.”

Mother of a young person who has recovered from an Eating Disorder.


“I met Teresa when my daughter was referred to her following a diagnoses of an eating disorder.  We were very lucky as her unwavering support for both Sophie* and our family was the reason Sophie recovered.  She was incredibly patient, kind and most importantly, totally understanding of what my daughter was struggling with. She was an amazing professional and a wonderful person. My daughter and I will always be grateful to her.”

Mother of a young person who has recovered from an Eating Disorder. *Name altered to enhance confidentiality


“I have been working with Teresa for quite some time now. She is a fantastic member of the team we work in together and I really respect her approach to her work. She is compassionate, thoughtful and respectful at all times. She always holds in mind those she is working with therapeutically, trying her best to ensure they get the best possible care they can. She is highly skilled and I have learnt a great deal from her. I value the time I get to work with her and would strongly recommend her for both supervision and therapy work.”

Michelle Wilson, Clinical Psychologist at the Royal Free Hospital


“I had the privilege of working alongside Teresa at the Royal Free Hospital. Teresa always stood out as someone with a huge amount of energy and compassion, both for the families that she works with and for her colleagues. Teresa manages to have a wealth of knowledge and experience, whilst also being extremely approachable. During the time I was working with Teresa I was also studying for my MSc in Psychological Therapies. My best grade was in family therapy which definitely had more to do with Teresa’s ability to impart understanding than it did with my ability to revise for exams!”

Naomi Hooke, Assistant Psychologist